Current vehicle systems require complex controllers that manage ever-larger volumes of data, with more and more complex levels of software. Of these systems, Powertrain electronics is at the top end of complexity, driven by the need to provide better fuel economy and lower emissions at the same power. However, with their complexity also comes risk. There are tens of thousands of variables in today’s software/calibrations that are tweaked by engineers to achieve optimum results. If just one of these variables is not quite right, it could be either completely benign or completely disastrous, requiring a costly recall campaign.

As part of any successful development process methodical validation and careful analysis are essential to a reliable service life. Treharne have developed our validation processes to encompass best practices and ensure that we provide our customers with a hassle free hand over with reliable test data. Treharne have successfully completed a number of validation projects for large volume and prestige car manufactures alike. A large number of these include generating proof of conformity data to meet OEM’s legislative commitments, along with, strategy and development validation exercises to assist with engineering programs.

Projects include:

  • OBD for gasoline and diesel
  • Production Vehicle Evaluation
  • J1969
  • Rate-based monitor analysis
  • Cat Mon
  • Off-board Test Tool validatio
  • Misfire capability
  • Mileage accumulation
  • Part 1&2 testing
  • EMS and Electrical Vehicle Reaction Testing
  • V-MAX Testing
  • Central Locking function/cycle testing
  • FMEA
  • Dealer test tool
  • Diagnostic and testing procedures

Test Facilities

Treharne has access to wide range of test facilities to ensure we can match our customer’s validation requirements and use popular validation tools, such as ETAS INCA, Vector or ATI Vision products. Data can be recorded from other sources, such as vehicle location GPS units synchronized with engine data recordings.

Reporting includes a summary of vehicle usage, drive style analysis, fleet analysis, mileage accumulation, and other specific body or engine control metrics.


We are delighted to announce the launch of our most recent product, the Misfire Generator. We believe we have designed and produced the most compact and portable Misfire Generator on the current market.

With Government bodies around the world becoming more stringent with their testing and validation requirements, our Misfire Generator is an essential part of any Validation Engineers tool kit. With the ability to generate 14.3% to 0.8% misfire we are confident we have the most cost effective and user friendly Misfire Generator available.

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