Testing Facilities

Test Sites

The following test sites are available for immediate booking through TA Engineering Ltd. We have exclusive access to these facilities due to our location in Wales and our relationship with the Welsh Assembly Government. The sites have been risk assessed and are used regularly by TA Engineering Ltd. Both sites benefit from privacy and cannot be viewed from any public highway. A support vehicle is available for both sites on request.

Conditions of use: Evening testing available on site 1 and 2, there must be a minimum of two staff members in attendance. Terms and conditions agreement must be signed by the individual prior to use of sites (available on request).

Test Site 1

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Location: Pembrokeshire, South West Wales

Opening times: By arrangement

Examples of use: EMS/driveline/chassis validation, mileage accumulation, steady state, high speed testing, low speed testing, ride and handling, issue investigation, cruise/ACC testing, dependability, durability.

  • 3 miles continue smooth tarmac surface in excellent condition.
  • No speed restrictions.
  • Oval circuit achievable incorporating tarmac and concrete road surfaces.
  • Short term high speed 200mph+
  • Extensive road network with prefab concrete and tarmac surfaces.
  • On site toilet facilities, significantly subsidised café and bar area.
  • Local accommodation available.
  • Secure on-site day and overnight parking.
  • Office space available on prior request.

Test Site 2

Location: Carmarthenshire, South West Wales

Opening times: By arrangement

Examples of use: EMS/driveline/chassis validation, DSC intervention, traction control, terrain optimization.

  • 7 – 15 miles low MU surface testing.
  • Continuous flat fine grain sand private beach.
  • No speed restrictions.
  • Local accommodation available.


The larger the project, the more reductions we can make. Our rates do not include product development or project management, which are calculated as per request for quote.

  • Track introduction and tour: FOC
  • Day (24 hours) rate for track use: £350.00
  • Other services including, track use rates, rates for our engineers using our track facilities, and additional driver/marshal requirements: Pricing on request.


We are delighted to announce the launch of our most recent product, the Misfire Generator. We believe we have designed and produced the most compact and portable Misfire Generator on the current market.

With Government bodies around the world becoming more stringent with their testing and validation requirements, our Misfire Generator is an essential part of any Validation Engineers tool kit. With the ability to generate 14.3% to 0.8% misfire we are confident we have the most cost effective and user friendly Misfire Generator available.

Treharne Automotive Engineering are currently expanding their graduate program


We often have new job opportunities opening at Treharne Automotive Engineering and we would be very happy to hear from engineers and technicians who wish to join a developing Engineering Company.

Roles can be based either at Treharne Automotive Engineering in South Wales or at other engineering sites throughout the UK.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.