Specialist Tools and Equipment

Product Design & Development

Treharne Automotive Engineering supply specialist tools and equipment to the automotive industry.

Our primary aim is to provide solutions to automotive problems. Our commitment to the service we provide is second to none.

Our experience lies in:-

  • Software Our experience in software programming is vast with our dedicated software engineers utilising the likes of C, Embedded C, Visual basic, and Assembly to name but a few
  • Automotive Electronics We specialise in electronics appertaining to the automotive industry, designing and manufacturing electronics and control systems for both the engineering and manufacturing sectors of the industry.
  • Electrical Hardware Treharne Automotive Engineering provide bespoke electrics and wiring solutions for almost any application. We develop electrical and electronic hardware from prototype through to production.
  • Product Design Our product design and development service incorporates the complete product development cycle, from initial consultation through to full scale project implementation. We have a dedicated product design team whose skills encompass the entire product design cycle to provide a comprehensive service.
  • Project management We provide excellent project management services, developing project plans to meet/maintain stringent time scales and key objectives.
  • Problem solving Our wide range of experience in problem solving, together with a wealth of expertise in fault diagnostics and engineering solutions, enables us to apply foresight to potential issues and provide solutions to existing problems.

We pride ourselves on the ability to engineer solutions that exceed customer expectations in both design and quality. Our experience working with OEM’s and their suppliers within the automotive industry is extensive and we are more than familiar with working to concise budgets and lean timescales.

Our engineers are multi-disciplined, technology specialists with a wealth of experience within the automotive industry, including electronic/software design, calibration, validation and product design.

We keep abreast of new technologies and research that can be implemented and utilised effectively in design approaches for various project aspects. Applying these design approaches provides the practical tools needed to maintain Total Quality Management.

Pressure Test System

Treharne Automotive Engineering was approached by a major OEM to investigate the feasibility of using a pressure based air leak detection system as a part of their continual quality improvement program.

The pressure based system was to work alongside their current vacuum based system to improve leak detection capability and minimise warranty issues that may result from the increased accuracy of the modern Engine Management Systems (EMS)

As an initial step we examined their current air leak detection system to better understand its limitations and what improvements could be made. Data taken from this examination revealed that the current system would have difficulty in accurately differentiating between engine tolerances and air leaks at the new smaller leak thresholds. The examination also highlighted the constraints that an additional systems design would be bound by, if implemented. We were able to apply our broad knowledge and experience in design and project planning to provide a calculated assessment of the available options, taking in to consideration cost, time, effectiveness and overall design.

With a stringent project plan we highlighted all of the options available which were supported with test data and practical demonstrations. Our aim was to show the potential of a pressure test system and the effects that changing options would have on design, cycle times and leak detection.

Due to the number of variables associated with pressure test systems, a theoretical software model was designed which allowed variables to be modified and their subsequent effects to be summarised.  This software allowed the OEM, both quickly and efficiently, to understand the physical and financial limitations of a pressure test system which, in turn, helped their engineers and management to debate and visualise aspects of the final design.  From this software model a prototype system was developed to further explore the effects of change to any of the variables and prove, via practical demonstration, that the system was capable of meeting the requirements stipulated by the OEM


Misfire Generator MFG-1
The MFG-1 is a compact, handheld misfire generator designed for use by manufacturers and government agencies to demonstrate misfire as part of in-use testing and misfire strategy development. Easy to use with a high contrast colour display the MFG-1 has been successfully used to demonstrate misfire to the Chinese State Environmental Protection Administration (CSEPA) and in misfire strategy development. Compact in design and with a variety of bespoke harness options, the system can be easily carried as hand luggage or sent via courier at a fraction of the cost of other larger, more bulky systems. The system is highly versatile and can be sup- plied with multi language, custom menus, short loop and guided test instruction or reprogrammed for use in a different application.


  • Ignition fire (IGF) signal replication to prevent Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) detection of primary circuit interrup- tion during operation.
  • 3 Amp switching capability up to 50 volts.
  • Quality voltage regulation components and filtering allow the system to be powered directly from vehicle bat- tery or cigar lighter
  • Battery backup to prevent engine shutdown if battery power to the unit is lost.
  • Compact surface mount designed for harsh environments.
  • Available in 1-8 (MFG-1) or 1-12 (MFG-2) cylinder variants.


At the heart of the MFG-1 is a PCB designed by ourselves to provide reliable interrupts for a wide range of systems with high or low switched coil primaries, whether they are current or voltage driven for up to 8 cylinders for the MFG-1 and up to 12 for the MFG-2. Each unit can be supplied with a number of interface cable options, ranging from standard 4mm banana leads to a custom made harness for connecting directly to the coil packs or the Engine Management System’s (EMS) Electronic Control Unit (ECU).


  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of misfire options.
  • 0.8 - 14 % misfire with a pseudo random approach to generate evenly distributed misfires.
  • Ability to generate a constant misfire on a selected cylinder.
  • Compatible with any firing order.
  • Specific menus for vehicle type and setup options to enable quick and simple selection, with the added option of guided test procedures for use during certification/confirmatory testing.
  • Incorporated is a flexible engineering mode that allows the operator to manually select firing order, or use the auto detect firing order function and select system configurations such as input type and number of cylinders.
  • Compatible with wasted spark (optional).


  • Compact (100 * 200 * 31 mm) tough billet aluminum case with Lexan® front insert, built to withstand high loads and impacts.
  • Available as a splash resistant unit or hermetically sealed.
  • Large 3.5”, 320 * 240 colour LCD display, an easy to use tactile switch interface.


We are delighted to announce the launch of our most recent product, the Misfire Generator. We believe we have designed and produced the most compact and portable Misfire Generator on the current market.

With Government bodies around the world becoming more stringent with their testing and validation requirements, our Misfire Generator is an essential part of any Validation Engineers tool kit. With the ability to generate 14.3% to 0.8% misfire we are confident we have the most cost effective and user friendly Misfire Generator available.

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