Gasoline & Diesel Engine Calibration

Treharne is on hand to assist OEM’s in meeting calibration targets throughout the engine development process, from early engine mapping through to final OBD calibration and vehicle sign off

Treharne offer project planning and resources to execute and deliver an Engine Management System Calibration to meet our customer’s performance, fuel economy and drivability objectives. This is in conjunction with satisfying the requirements for the control of exhaust emissions for On Board Diagnostics as demanded by legislation. We can also assist in vehicle/Powertrain problem identification and resolution.

Treharne also optimises Powertrain electronics associated sub-functions such as cooling, fan control, air-conditioning systems, alternator control, transmission control and immobiliser systems.

Our engineers and test facilities are on hand for any shift pattern or contract duration. As a company we can arrange any environmental testing in any location as part of a delivery plan, or we can provide engineers to accompany customers on calibration development trips to assist in the development tasks.

Base Calibration

Our engine calibration engineers can assist in the development of petrol and diesel engine performance calibrations to meet existing and future emissions regulations.

Emission Calibration

Diagnostic systems development is becoming more and more complex, especially for vehicles designed to OBD II and E-OBD standards.

Treharne has a great deal of experience, not only in the calibration of diagnostics, but also in the development of new diagnostic strategies and in OBD system certification. Methods of fault management are developed which define all system reactions. These are then tested in the laboratory and in vehicles.

Driveability & Usability Calibration

Treharne work in collaboration with the customers Base Transmission Hardware Releasing groups, Powertrain Systems Engine Calibration groups and Scientific/NVH labs to develop and implement best practice design and calibration solutions.

We also:

  • Perform verification testing in accordance with Powertrain System Functional Objectives.
  • Perform calibration work that focuses on new engine or transmission programs, Powertrain System adaptation to new vehicles, and controls feature implementation support.
  • Incorporate design for six sigma best practices to optimize system designs.
  • Develop and track hardware and calibration solutions that meet system functional objectives.


We are delighted to announce the launch of our most recent product, the Misfire Generator. We believe we have designed and produced the most compact and portable Misfire Generator on the current market.

With Government bodies around the world becoming more stringent with their testing and validation requirements, our Misfire Generator is an essential part of any Validation Engineers tool kit. With the ability to generate 14.3% to 0.8% misfire we are confident we have the most cost effective and user friendly Misfire Generator available.

Treharne Automotive Engineering are currently expanding their graduate program


We often have new job opportunities opening at Treharne Automotive Engineering and we would be very happy to hear from engineers and technicians who wish to join a developing Engineering Company.

Roles can be based either at Treharne Automotive Engineering in South Wales or at other engineering sites throughout the UK.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.