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We are specialists in automotive electromechanical systems supplying 'OEM's innovative engineering, diagnostic and staffing solutions to realise electrical/mechanical innovation.
Treharne Automotive has an established reputation as a reliable and flexible development partner of companies including JLR, Volvo and Aston Martin, with proven expertise to master upcoming automotive development challenges.
With our skilled employees at the heart of our business philosophy, Treharne Automotive Engineering is able to compete on a global stage and deliver equal if not improved product and service quality compared with comparable market competitors.
Treharne Automotive Engineering work closely with OEM's to provide services such as skilled resource, mechanical and software solutions to problems as well as bespoke diagnostic software and hardware to address field issues and warranty.
We are a turn key solutions provider that prides itself on quick turnaround without compromising on quality. Our current engineering projects together with our research and development activities mean we lead the way with innovative, cost saving diagnostics.


Electrical Hardware Software Development Automotive Electronics
Treharne Automotive Engineering provide bespoke electrics and wiring solutions for almost any application, from automotive diagnostic and live data gathering tools to module re-programming equipment and many more. We develop electrical and electronic hardware from prototype through to production. Our experience in software programming is vast with our dedicated software engineers utilising the likes of C, Embedded C, Visual basic, and Assembly to name but a few. We specialise in electronics appertaining to the automotive industry, designing and manufacturing electronics and control systems for both the engineering and manufacturing sectors of the industry.
Project Management Product Design Problem Solving
We provide excellent project management services, developing project plans to meet/maintain stringent time scales and key objectives. Multidiscipline software background allows us to create bespoke software for an application as well as integrating and enhancing existing software applications with added diagnostics, complex algorithms, and any requirements the customer might have. Our product design and development service incorporates the complete product development cycle, from initial consultation through to full scale project implementation. We have a dedicated product design team whose skills encompass the entire product design cycle to provide a comprehensive service.
The engineering design within the development service, which includes the relevant hardware (enclosure, any mechanical components,etc) and the electronics design, is carried out in house which makes the turn around of the process a lot quicker.
Our wide range of experience in problem solving, together with a wealth of expertise in automotive fault diagnostics and engineering solutions, enables us to apply foresight to potential issues and provide solutions to existing problems.



High Voltage Battery Tester

The High Voltage Battery Tester is a complete traction battery test and analysis solution allowing the complete diagnosis, repair, and conīŦrmation of correct reassembly and repair in a fully automated and guided process. It can be used to check state of health (SOH) and diagnose faulty battery packs and isolate faulty modules or bus bars. Cooling system and pack seal integrity can be tested using the integrated pressure tester, and analysis and diagnosis of heat management issues can be done using the thermal map view which shows graphically the distribution of heat in the pack. The High Voltage Battery Tester emulates the host vehicles network allowing for complete control of the batteries functionality including contactor control, HVIL monitoring, Isolation status, and DTC read. The unit is also capable of module balancing prior to reinstallation into the pack as well as vehicle charging and pack charging independently of the vehicle using its on-board charging systems. For safety the unit is also capable of doing a full isolation integrity test.


Inline Diagnostic Unit (IDU)

Initially developed to reduce the high occurrence of 'no fault found' issues on replaced high value components such as turbo chargers and EGR valves. The IDU2 uniquely, allows for the unit to be connected into a vehicles circuit to interrogate both the component and wiring harness independently without intrusive pin point testing or unnecessary replacement of parts. Capable of controlling and monitoring complex systems found within today's Automotive software driven environment, the IDU2 has proven to reduce labour times and ensure right first time fixes when applied within a workshop environment.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness Sensor (NVH)

The Noise, Vibration & Harshness Sensor is a Bluetooth® enabled high bandwidth accelerometer capable of transmitting vibration (acceleration) data from a suspected faulty part to a separate computer for analysis. It has a steadily growing number of uses from diagnosing a differential gear and bearing faults to pin pointing the cause of steering wheel wobble.

DPF Monitor

The Diesel Particulate Filter Monitor is a device which provides a real time display (LCD) of Diesel Particulate Filter fill level and burn status to ensure a burn is achieved at the desired time. This allows car owners to plan for a duration of slow or stop start driving without risking performance issues caused by an overly full DPF.

Non Intrusive Current Shunt

Designed to further enhance the capabilities of the IDU/IDU2 the non intrusive current shunt gives the IDU/IDU2 the ability to measure current passing through the fuse box, thereby indirectly providing a current trace for that system, all without the need to gain direct access to the part on test.


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We often have new job opportunities opening at Treharne Automotive Engineering and we would be very happy to hear from engineers and technicians who wish to join a developing Engineering Company.

Roles can be based either at Treharne Automotive Engineering in South Wales or at other engineering sites throughout the UK. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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